Our approach

Strategy is the Holy Grail

John Adams famously said that ‘facts are stubborn things’ so while opinion is fine, we prefer to get the facts and build the knowledge. We start by exploring and developing the brief. Then we set about the ‘immersion’ process to understand the business, the issues, your values and the competitive arena.

We digest existing research and often meet customers, internal groups and wider stakeholders as part of our own research.

This process creates the basis of knowledge and the opportunity for strategic insight which leads to the development of the strategy, for us the Holy Grail.

The right strategy will define, at minimum, the who, the what and the why and leads, inexorably to the ‘idea’ that will work across media and time.

We believe passionately in effective collaboration with clients and other third parties. As good team players we expect to work with internal departments, especially the sales force, to engage, motivate and win buy-in.