Market Research

The best strategies are based on insights and understanding achieved through market research that we often undertake ourselves.


Chairs facing each other


Face to face depth interviews with senior customers and employees are amongst the most revealing and useful techniques we employ. We uncover and explore the true and honest views of these important individuals who, as an independent third party, give us information that would never be given to the client direct.


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Company Research

Before commissioning new research, we mine the company archives for hidden treasures within previous research studies. This background research review includes obtaining anecdotal information and experiences from non-marketing employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Magnifying glass

Focus groups

We undertake and or commission qualitative research to explore attitudes, perceptions and preferences for strategic direction and creative concepts.

With discussion guides and stimulus material, we explore the issues and opportunities, the strengths and weaknesses and the themes and insights. These will directly inform strategies and communications and can be validated in quantitative research.

Brand stories


Kapco – Global Brand Strategy

KAPCO Creating a global brand strategy aligned with business strategy for future growth


Merchant Gourmet and SunBlush

LEATHAM’S From commodity to gourmet brand

speedy go

The GO Initiative

SPEEDY SERVICES An environmental innovation

We were impressed by the thoroughness of Harvey Fuch Consulting’s research and strategic approach and we were delighted with the design concept, which has received very favourable comment from investors and other key international stakeholders.

Nicholas Philps, CEO BTV Ltd