Creating a global brand strategy aligned with business strategy for future growth

Client: Kapco Global

KAPCO, now Kapco Global, is a major US based aerospace parts and distribution service provider with an international network. It serves many of the world’s major airlines, OEM’s and MRO’S.

Following a period of dramatic growth, in part through acquisition, the company wished to better understand the dynamic market and clarify its positioning within it. Thereafter it required a refocused brand strategy and new identity that would help differentiate and provide a platform for future business growth.

Harvey Fuchs were appointed to handle the entire project. We conducted extensive research amongst employees, global customers and suppliers which shed new light on customers’ perceptions and expectations. This led directly to a change of company name, a new corporate identity and a clarified positioning that placed the industry critical idea of the ‘value of time’ at the centre of the brand and the business. It also led to significant changes in business strategy and the service offer in line with market changes and demands. In this way the brand strategy helped align, business strategy, operations and marketing strategy.

The strap line ‘Because time matters’ was adopted as the external expression of the ‘time’ idea and supported the company’s service and performance efforts.

The corporate identity re-enforced the company’s new positioning as a global, stocking distributor of scale. The highly contemporary and powerful graphic style achieved real stand out in a crowded and homogeneous market and was executed across global collateral material, web, video, exhibition material and internal brand material.

In 2017 Kapco Global acquired Avio-Diepen to form the largest independent aerospace parts distributor in the world. Chris Harvey and David McRobert were appointed to create a new brand strategy for the merged company, now rebranded as Proponent.

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