Merchant Gourmet and SunBlush

Client: Leatham’s Larder Plc

From commodity to gourmet brand

Leatham’s Larder Plc. was an established distributor of artisan foods but needed to develop and market a brand of their own to increase multiple distribution and growth.

We created the Merchant Gourmet, a premium quality brand with a true brand story – the man who travelled the world in search of world class food

Leatham’s achieved distribution in Waitrose, Sainsbury and Tesco.

Leatham’s was repositioned as the food innovators and a good example of this was the launch of SunBlush tomatoes. We created the name and positioning for SunBlush which preserved its franchise even when applied to own label versions.

SunBlush became one of Leatham’s biggest sellers and won a Supermarketing new product award.
Leathams Larder continues to grow and The Merchant Gourmet brand is reported to enjoy double-digit growth. SunBlush remains a market leader

“HF&P quickly understood our culture and created The Merchant Gourmet brand for us and we quickly achieved good distribution with the multiple food retailers”

Mark Leatham: Managing Director, Leathams Plc


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Merchant Gourmet and SunBlush

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